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A Note to Beta Testers on Free vs Premium

The RememBear team is excited to announce a major milestone - the official launch of RememBear v1.0. This release marks nearly two years of design, engineering and bear-pun creation towards our mission to make a password manager that everyone can enjoy. V1.0 is available for all devices, you can check the RememBear app for updates today or download it directly from

V1.0 will also mark the introduction of our new premium service, RememBear Premium. Priced at just $3/mo ($36 billed annually), you’ll receive priority support, seamless sync across your devices and cloud backup.

As a special thanks to our Beta testers

We also want to share a special thanks to everyone who has Beta tested RememBear over the past six months. Without your feedback and bug reports, Version 1.0 might have been ‘un-bear-able’. To show our appreciation, all Beta testers will receive an email with a 50% off coupon for their first year of RememBear Premium.

Beta testers will receive an email with a 50% off coupon for their first year of RememBear Premium

You’ll find an FAQ below, with a simple chart to explain what you get with each type of mem-bear-ship, but if you have any questions, please get in touch with our friendly Support Bears.

What's the difference between RememBear Free and Premium?

Feature Free Premium
Securely create and use unlimited passwords
Use on any device
Sync across devices X
Automatic cloud backup X
Priority support X

Q: What happens if I decide not to upgrade to RememBear premium?
A: You’ll still have secure access to all your logins, but you won’t have priority support and your logins will not be synced (logins only show on the device where they were created) or backed up.

Q: When do I get switched to RememBear Free?
A: All Beta testers will receive an additional 30 days of complementary RememBear Premium. If you’d like to keep RememBear Premium you’ll need to purchase a subscription by May 17, but remember to check your email for an exclusive 50% discount coupon.

Q: Does RememBear free still let me use all my passwords?
A: Absolutely, you can continue using the free version of RememBear forever, but device syncing and cloud backup are only available on premium accounts. Passwords created from free accounts will only be usable on the device where they were created.

Q: Why is RememBear not completely free?
A: Have you seen the price of honey lately?

Q: What features are coming up next?
A: 2FA for logins, secure notes, another public security audit and much, much more.

Q: Is there a discount for RememBear Beta testers who are also TunnelBear subscribers?
A: There is! As a loyal Beta tester and TunnelBear subscri-bear, you can save 64% off your first year of RememBear Premium. That means a whole year of secure passwords for just $13! Check your email for the coupon.

Q: I was part of the Beta, where do I find my discount code?
A: If you’re having trouble finding the email, reach out to our friendly Support Bears.

Q: I once dressed up as a bear for Halloween.
A: That’s not a question, but thank you for sharing.