RememBear Adds Support for 2FA
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RememBear Adds Support for 2FA

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Today we're excited to announce two-step verification support for logins, commonly referred to as "2FA". If you're already a user of this extra layer of security, RememBear helps speed up your log ins even further by putting all your information in a single place. No need to use separate apps like Authy or Google Authenticator. Your Bear can do it all.

For people that are new to 2FA, you'll find an increased level of security on sites that support two-step verification, and peace of mind knowing that if something ever happens to your phone, you can still easily access your 2FA codes on your synced devices.

With the addition of two-step verification support, RememBear becomes the only password manager that combines ease-of-use with all the core features you expect from a password manager.

How two-step verification works

Two-step verification, is an extra layer of security that helps protect your accounts on websites and apps from hackers. In addition to your username and password, a six digit code is needed to login. Each code expires after 30 seconds then a new one is generated, which is why they're also called "one-time codes"

Your six digit code is generated on your device and synced with the server you're trying to log into, so if the codes don't match, you can't log in. Since the website you're logging into and your device generate the codes together, even if a hacker gets your username and password (say through a data breach), they won't be able to get into your account.

RememBear 2FA countdown timer

We recommend using 2FA for your most important accounts because of the higher level of security it provides, but it's not mandatory on most sites. If you haven't used it before, don’t worry. It's easy to setup and even easier to use.

Setting up two-step verification

To set up two-step verification in RememBear, an app or website must support it first. This isn’t something that's up to you. If 2FA is supported, you'll need to find out where to activate it on the website or app (usually in Account or Settings). Follow the steps they provide, and eventually you'll see a QR code – a black and white pixelated square.

Now, open RememBear, tap + to create a new login, and tap the Scan QR code button. It looks like this:

Tap here to chomp

Now point your phone at the screen (or move the transparent window over the code, if you’re on desktop) and your Bear will chomp it. You should now see a six digit code in the login item. Once you have your six digit code, the website will ask you to confirm it by typing the code you see.

Chomp that code


Here's a test code. Go ahead, scan it!

Everything in one place

If you already use two-step verification there's a good chance you have a dedicated app like Authy or Google Authenticator, but there are a few reasons bringing everything into RememBear makes logging in more convenient:

  1. RememBear stores your codes across all your devices, so they're accessible on all your synced devices. No more opening an app on your phone to type a code into your computer.
  2. Because the codes are on all of your devices, if you lose or break your phone, you still have access to your 2FA codes from another device. Apps like Google Authenticator only work on one devices so if you lose it you're locked out of those accounts.
  3. RememBear automatically copies your 2FA codes to the clipboard when you autofill (desktop only for now) so you don't have to manually type codes. Just copy/paste for a huge time saver.

Available now

Two-step verification is available now in the newest update of RememBear on all platforms. You can get the latest version by updating on the App Store (mobile), tapping the update banner in the app, or through our downloads page.

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