RememBear Official Launch
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RememBear Official Launch

Back in October of 2017 we released our second security app to beta, a delightful password manager named RememBear. After months of testing, refining and auditing, we’re excited to announce our next major milestone. RememBear Version 1.0 is available for download on all your devices.

Today’s release marks nearly two years of design, engineering and testing towards our mission to make a password manager that everyone can enjoy. Just like TunnelBear, we built RememBear with the same attention to security, beautiful design and of course lots and lots of bear puns.

If you’ve never used a password manager, RememBear will happily walk you through setting your account up with straightforward instructions and animations. RememBear takes a critical part of our everyday lives, accessing the services who store our most private information, and applies publicly audited security standards to help you create, store, and access your passwords on all of your devices.

Why you need RememBear

Over 60% of internet users have a handful of passwords they reuse across all of their services. Passwords are tough to remember, with requirements for capitals, numbers and special characters. With busy lives, we can only remember so many things, so most of us default to creating 1-2 passwords and reusing them everywhere.

Reusing passwords means that if someone gets access to one of your accounts, they have access to everything.

Reusing passwords means that if someone gets access to one of your accounts, they have access to everything. Additionally, you have to figure out a means of keeping track of all your passwords, in a secure way, without resorting to making them too easy to guess.

RememBear solves both of these problems. We know that we need passwords to secure our most sensitive information, but it’s challenging to create unique and strong passwords for the hundreds of websites where we have accounts. Keeping all of those passwords straight, with their different requirements, in a secure way, is not an easy task.

Secure passwords for every account

With Remembear, we’ve created a service that will help you create strong passwords for every account and save them in your RememBear. They’re easy to use and have been secured with publicly audited cryptography.


There seems to be a misconception that really strong security apps need to be really complicated. TunnelBear taught us that people love to use a security app that is thoughtful, simple to navigate and fun. For RememBear, we tried to recreate the same ease-of-use, humour and beautiful design that makes TunnelBear so much fun.

State of the art security

RememBear was designed from the ground up to be a secure platform where only you have access to your account and you own your data. We use an approach called end-to-end encryption that ensures your data is encrypted on your device, protected when you’re syncing data with our servers and secure when it’s being stored for backups.


We get it, it can be tough to stay focused on security. That’s why with RememBear, every time you unlock a new achievement, you’re rewarded with a Bear!

Achievements are fun bear animations that help to explain how to make your passwords safer and more convenient. You can play animations as many times as you like, or share them with your friends, once you’ve added them to your achievement list.

Password security for everyone

Whether you have five passwords for the services you use everyday or 500 that cover every service you’ve ever used, RememBear is here to help.

When you download RememBear, you’ll receive 30 days of Premium for free. After 30 days, you can continue using the free version to create and store unlimited passwords on one device. Upgrading to Premium, for just $3 a month ($36 billed annually), adds seamless sync across devices and cloud backup, as well as priority support.

we're sending a special thank you to our beta testers, so please keep an eye on your inbox.

Next up on our roadmap, we’ll be adding 2FA support for logins and secure notes. If you have any questions, you can contact our friendly Support Bears.

For beta testers of RememBear, thank you so much for your time, effort and thoughtful feedback. We love hearing about your experiences, what you like and think we could improve on. Last but not least, we're sending a special thank you to our beta testers, so please keep an eye on your inbox.

Sincerely rawrs,