Get Ready for Un-bear-lievably Fast Autofill
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Get Ready for Un-bear-lievably Fast Autofill

demonstration of RememBear autofill in app

Today we’re excited to announce Day 1 support for iOS 12's Password AutoFill feature!

Your passwords will be one tap away from your keyboard. Never before have you seen Bears fill passwords so fast.

We’re also adding a special new Achievement, complete with a fun, new animation. Just enable Autofill to add it to your collection.

Your super fast Bear will be available with the newest update of RememBear, when iOS 12 ships.

About RememBear

RememBear is a simple, beautifully designed password manager that features loveable (yet ferociously secure) Bears. It saves you time by storing and autofilling sensitive logins, credit card numbers and notes for quick access.

Plus, it makes you more secure online by encrypting all of those sensitive pieces of information, meaning only you can see them. Best of all, it’s easy to use, with no tech-savvy-ness required.

Start securing your passwords with your very own Bear.